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Nfs carbon car mods

Added an optional feature to laptop enable Nikki's Tier miami 1 and Tier 2 Cars.
Changes in boboiboy detail are presented in the Readme.
Refer to head the installation guide.
Need for Speed: Carbon "hardcore police MOD FOR NFS carbon".You don't have a CrashFix for that, get Carbon ExOpts or laptop get Widescreen Fix for Carbon and turn on CrashFix in the ini.The Choose your Starter script is laptop for when you have already installed laptop the mod and you want to change the starters again to avoid reinstalling the mod all over again just to change the starter cars.Extended Career Mode, making the total races in career mode to up to more than 90 races.Why doesn't this mod work with Improvement Mod/Endgame Mod any other global mod)?Run VLT-Ed as administrator and install again - I installed the script, Why did nothing changed in-game?Why does file_copy errors appear?Why does my boboiboy game game crash when I pick a starter car?Credits: RaTT: -VLT(Attributes Gameplay) demand Editing -GlobalB Editing -Strings Adding Editing nfsu360: -NFS home vlted.5.6 -NFS Hasher.0 Maël Hörz: -HxD horoscope 379Felipe: -murcielago_2, zonda_2, laptop CCX_2, 997GT3RS_2, mustangshlbyn_2, camaron_2 preset laptop skins to preset cars -Helping me with adding cars to Carbon, and loads of other things.Need for Speed: Carbon "hardcore police mod for NFS Carbon.0.".Why does my game crash when I load an alias?To Restore your modded game back to vanilla, click on Game - Restore Backup after you have installed the mod.Custom cars are now unlockable offline, upgradeable and obtainable in Career Mode.Support for that has not yet been developped.Conquering the least amount of races to conquer 1 or 2 turfs will unlock races for the next one(s).The changes could not be saved" appear when I try saving the changes?Installation: To Install the mod, Get the latest version of vlted. Buffed the BMW M3 E46.
Make sure item VLT-Ed is in administrator mode and make sure your game is closed.