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Lynda - foundations of photography macro and close-up password

Topics include: What onedrive is a macro photograph?
Finding good subject matter, evaluating macro gear unlimited like extension tubes and blue familiale tilt-shift lenses.
Lighting your macro scene with continuous light.
Shooting with the Canon windvd Macro Twin Lite Shooting macro in a light tent Shooting macro on a light table.Next, we'll ease lego you into macro photography by showing how you can easily modify your existing equipment to make it capable for macro work.Using a point-and-shoot camera for macro.That scale, of windows course, gift is the very small, and the very small is the realm of edition the macro and close-up construye photographer.Understanding depth and composition in macro.Using Macro Lenses 111232_03_01_MM30_4 cecelia 14 ahern MB 111232_03_02_MM30_4 27 MB 111232_03_03_LA30_4 62 MB 111232_03_04_MM301_4 60 MB 111232_03_05_MM30_4 88 MB 111232_03_06_MM30_4 32 MB 111232_03_07_MM30_4 44 MB 111232_03_08_MM30_4 51 MB 111232_03_09_MM30_4 64.Using Macro Lenses, choosing a macro lens.Introduction, welcome, what you need to know for this course.Introduction 111232_00_01_WL30_4 17 MB 111232_00_02_LA30_4 12.Understanding depth of field and focus.Close-Up Shooting 111232_01_01_LA30_4 18 MB 111232_01_02_LA30_4 34 MB 111232_01_03_MM30_4 17 MB 111232_01_04_LA30_4 19 MB 111232_01_05_MM301_4 38 structures MB 111232_01_06_MM301_4 45.Working with a bellows, working with viewfinders in macro.Basic Macro Shooting with Gear You Own What is a macro photo?Close-Up Shooting, what is close up?Macro Shooting Accessories, working with macro stabilizing options, working with sliders for macro.In this course, photographer, author, and teacher Ben Long takes you on a fantastic voyage serial into the realm of the tiny, detailing the gear and shooting techniques necessary to capture extreme close-ups of everything from products to posies. From there, we'll beef up your arsenal of macro gear by looking into extension tubes, close-up lenses, and bellows.
Exploring macro lens features: Focal length.
In this course, we're going to explore all of the fundamentals of shooting the very small, as we duggal work from shooting simple cecelia close-ups to shooting macro shots will full detail and clarity.