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Extra bundle for tcp/ip version 6.6

Analyzing the EH chain example provided in Figure 3, the IPv6 packet has a 56 bytes long EH chain, so it would be forwarded in hardware.
RFC2406 "IP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP.
Figure 8 shows the Cisco products behavior under the conditions described in the previous Filtering Based on Upper Layer Protocol section.Handling of tunneled IPv6 traffic is not discussed in this document since tunneled traffic is typically process switched.To protect the CPU from being overwhelmed by high version rates of this type of traffic, Cisco routers implement rate limiting of packets that are diverted from the hardware version to software path.Order, header Type, next Header Code 1, basic IPv6 Header - 2, hop-by-Hop Options 0 3, destination Options (with Routing Options).By comparison, the IPv6 packet between a Mobile Node and extra Correspondent Node over the route optimized path would have either the Routing or the Destination Options EH (not both) leading to a shorter EH chain.Data Traffic Between Two Mobile Nodes over the Route Optimized Path The bundle length extra of the Extension Header chain in this case is 56 bytes.Receivedit just makes more sense to bundle them together by major application,.please add a comment explaining the reasoning tcpip behind your ank you for rating the ers are.This selected size is considered sufficient to handle the most common chains of EH currently used with various IPv6 traffic types and services.Figure 1 presents the IPv4 and IPv6 main headers.Moreover, packets with very long EH chains are generally control plane packets (such version as the one depicted in Figure 4) which have a very low rate, so the impact on the router is not significant.Deployed IPv6 networks must be capable to handle IPv6 traffic containing extension headers.Extra bundle for tcp ip version.6.Note that in this case, the content of the EH is not processed and the router simply makes a decision based on the presence tcpip of a certain EH type.The first header in the chain is the Routing EH (43 the second is the Authentication EH (51) and finally the Mobility EH (135).Note: Mobility standards are not allowing for data to be piggy-backed to the binding maintenance messages (control plane).In the absence of extension headers, routers perform these functions on IPv6 traffic in the same way they do on IPv4 traffic, so the traffic can be forwarded in hardware.Bundle for TCP/IP provides full function access to enterprise host data, network resources and the Internet.The same stands true for the amount of resources available for handling the IPv6 extension headers in hardware.The extension headers are not processed, the router simply looks at the "Next Header" value and the length of the EH in order to understand what header follows and the offset to its beginning. Access Lists (ACL) applied on router interfaces however, can change the router's IPv6 forwarding performance characteristics when extension headers are present.